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Electronical toll collecting system


  • Reduce personnel usage, save money and time while managing vehicles in and out of the building.
  • Easily operate means of transportation.
  • Convenient for users.
  • Control and improve the security of the parking lot by controlling access by contactless card readers as well as license plate recognition technology due to the smartly coded camera system.

System structure diagram

In and out principle

  • Continuous shooting system to recognize number plates.
  • When the card is swiped, the signal from the card reader is sent to the controller which is from here, the controller sends the card code data to the software. The software will process and store images taken from the camera and then display them on the corresponding screen.
  • At that time, the continuous shooting will stop, the software gives statistics on the identification of number plates. At the same time, information on card numbers, dates, and number plates is also stored in the database and displayed on the screen.
  • When the license plate is recognized, pictures and images of license plates are taken and stored in the database successfully, the barirer will open.

System features

  • Automatic license plate recognition, continuously taking photos of plate number recognition when there is movement.
  • Provide photos of license plates, information on / out when scanning cards, resetting photography program when vehicles pass barrie.
  • Report car actions get in and out of the parking area, toll collection information monthly, weekly. The report has many different filters: filter by time of entry and exit; filter by card type monthly / time, car, motorbike, ...; filter by card number, card code; filter by customer name, apartment, address, ...
  • Extract report data in excel format.
  • Option to adjust the price list: by shift, by block, charge monthly to send tickets according to the number of each type of vehicle.
  • Add monthly card, option to adjust the cycle of renewal of monthly cards, adjust number plates,...
  • Add customer information, add tags automatically in excel format.
  • Adjust the way in and out
  • Register VIP cards, free cards for customers.
  • Issue an alert event: Log in, alert the vehicle to enter and exit the manual park in case of incorrect identification of the license plate.
  • Assign users with different rights options: Login server, workstation, track sales reports, set up cards, set price lists, add users.